When we first formed the friend’s association of SSC97HSC99 facebook group for the batch mates of whole Bangladesh, we had a goal to bring friends of same generation to a platform with a vision and mission. Currently, everybody is busy with online virtual world and social network. In this time, we are hopeful to do exactly the opposite, we would like to collect and bring some valid friends in real life by using facebook group. We would like to offer a wonderful environment to the friends for recreation by arranging some social events with family. In this platform, everybody is free to express their opinion regarding every activities of the group. We are very much happy that we have successfully completed some mentionable wonderful events with significant number of participants from different parts of Bangladesh. In my point of view, our great initiative was the financial contribution to some of our friends at their very essential moments for treatments, specially we can remember Faysal, Murad and Kumi. Moreover, winter clothe distribution-2018 was another magnificent activity of our group. We are now motivated to enhance this social welfare activities gradually in many dimensions. Hope, our friends bonding will be stronger day by day and we will able to do some remarkable contribution to our society.

Abul Hasnat
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Jagannath University